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Mac time not updating

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This Wi-Fi-only i Pad clock drift is an issue for astronomers, laboratory workers, pilots, and other technical people who may be depending on the i Pad’s clock because of other related technical apps they use that access that clock. How the Mac Does it Your Mac knows how to connect, via the Internet, to what’s called Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers. (Shown below.) Unfortunately, the public NIST clock, gov requires Adobe Flash, and that’s unsupported on the i Pad.

Mac’s NTP setting: System Preferences - Date & Time Apple even maintains its own NTP server that most Mac users connect to by default: time. Naval Observatory to get a real-time updated clock for various U. One of the USNO Time displays - via Safari The i Pad’s Problem The problem is that the i Pad doesn’t invoke the NTP protocol to adjust and maintain the internal clock.

And even then, the setting precision is only down to the nearest minute.

Just curious, for those of you who use ntp servers on your network, how do you instruct your Mac OS X clients to sync their time/date with the ntp server? C) systemsetup I prefer B personally, but Im curious how you guys do it.

A leading minus sign on the offset means the i Pad clock is fast.

As I mentioned above, Emerald Time can only show you how far off the i Pad clock is and cannot make the adjustment itself.

Even connecting an i Pad to a Mac or PC for a sync and backup doesn’t update the i Pad clock, and that seems like an oversight.

Possible Fixes by Apple There are solutions available that Apple could implement in an i OS update.

The Impact Some apps that are time, navigation and astronomy oriented depend on the i Pad’s internal clock.Owners of 3G i Pads are in generally good shape in that regard.Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi-only i Pad (and the i Pod touch) is alone and helpless in the current version of i OS.Perhaps Apple will get around to this in a future update.Of course, that spontaneous wake-up can’t happen if you’re on commercial airliner and in Airplane Mode.It is suspected, but not confirmed, that Apple has disabled the NTP protocol on the i Pad to save the battery power needed to fire up the Wi-Fi radio periodically and connect to an NTP server.