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Doug Martin (Nick Jonas) is a young adult spending the summer with his parents at their lake house.
For this reason, you may want to select the “simple” regular expression.

Drawbacks of radiocarbon dating

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“If I were asked which is the most destructive of all diseases I should unhesitatingly reply, it is that which for some years has been raging with impunity …

What contagion does thus invade the whole body, so much resist medical art, becomes inoculated so readily, and so cruelly tortures the patient ? [1] In 1495 an epidemic of a new and terrible disease broke out among the soldiers of Charles VIII of France when he invaded Naples in the first of the Italian Wars, and its subsequent impact on the peoples of Europe was devastating – this was syphilis, or grande verole, the “great pox”.

But they did not lose everything – syphilis went with them.

By the end of 1495 the epidemic had spread throughout France, Switzerland and Germany, and reached England and Scotland in 1497.

Muscles and bones became painful, especially at night.

Then they were thrown out and deprived of Naples and Genoa.

[1] Johannis (Giovanni) de Vigo, an Italian surgeon who was appointed as surgeon to Pope Julius II, wrote about the contagiousness of the disease, its origin from sexual intercourse with an infected person and its rapid dissemination throughout the body in De Morbo Gallicus, 1514, the fifth book of his work Practica in arte chirurgica copiosa.

He accurately described the primary chancre, the secondary eruption of rash, ulcers and pustules, the terrible night bone pains and the late “tumours of scirrhus hardness”.

The soldiers of Alphonso II were mostly Spanish mercenaries.

Charles’ army led by General Louis II de la Tremoille crushed all resistance from intervening Italian cities and in February 1495 took Naples.