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This deadlock in forming a government was centred around questions of nationality, a question central to understanding the dysfunctions of the Bosnian political system.

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I have chosen to accept what she said as the truth.Looking at it again now though, I can see that it was simply words she spoke and perhaps she had other reasons for stating that - there was certainly a breakdown in communication between us at the time.In his article 'Invalidation may be the most damaging form of emotional abuse,' Steve Hein describes invalidation as follows...Invalidation is to reject, ignore, mock, tease, judge, control or diminish someone's feelings.

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The Drag Enter event-handling method determines the type of data being dragged into the form and provides the appropriate feedback.

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Calling the Invalidate method does not force a synchronous paint; to force a synchronous paint, call the Update method after calling the Invalidate method.

When this method is called with no parameters, the entire client area is added to the update region.

The following code example enables the user to drag an image or image file onto the form, and have it be displayed at the point on it is dropped.