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This is a decision that has been frowned on and questioned by consumers, as it allows for much less high definition content to be stored per layer.

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Though dating up to 2,500 years ago, the advice of these strategists is helpful today no matter your competitive landscape, from high tech to agriculture, from manufacturing to government.Genghis Khan’s Mongols defeated far larger armies because they were able to make adjustments on the battlefield despite ancient systems of communication that limited the way orders could be delivered to warriors already in action.

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Like the mission statement published in your annual report or guiding principles framed in your lobby, a strategic plan itself accomplishes nothing.As a strategist, you will count on timely and accurate information about market conditions.It is essential to build and employ effective mechanisms for observing and listening to what is going on in the competitive environment.Remember that an effective strategy provides a picture of the desired long term future.In order to make sound day to day decisions, all members of the organization must be able to begin with the end in mind.You don’t need to be world class at mundane business practices that are not your distinctive competence, but you must maintain standards of work equal to that of your competitors.