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Our papa, however, hyper-focuses on the predictions that are 'wrong' without seeing the wider data-compiling that leads the direction of the predictions.It appears this papa could be a precursor of climate change deniers. Winner of Best Actor (Kim Seung-ho) at 7th Asian Film Festival.This papa will give credence to the the statistical improbabilities in life if that lesser is on the side of the least of us. Soon an incident occurs which motivates her to plot a dreadful revenge, and the Confucian order of the household comes crashing down at the hands of the surreptitious housemaid.Asian cinema, and melodrama in particular, tends to portray the family as the most basic building block of society.Romance Papa is another object of study on how necessary sartorial choices can be to character development.Yet what follows as plot in Romance Papa is really a series of vignettes, aligning this film more with the episodic nature of modern-day TV serials than a medium demanding a status as a single unit.

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Read the discussion of hanbok fashion fusions in the 1950's by Princeton University professor Steven Chung or watch the recent documentary on fashion designer Nora Noh for examples.

To refashion the cliché, everything new was old once.

The theme that runs through the synced vignettes is of the father who is a hopeless romantic, a sentimental softie who is the kind of father who wants to frame his youngest daughter's first love letter.

As the aforementioned Steven Chung notes in his book reconsidering our understanding of director Shin, Split Screen Korea: Shin Sang-ok and Postwar Cinema (University of Minnesota Press, 2014), "Shin consistently capitalized on the creativity of radio dramas and locked up many of the scripts during their broadcast.

Other hits yielded through this practice include Confessions of a College Girl and Until the End of This Life" (p 223).